Trading conditions

1. Area of application: These trading conditions apply to all sales of experiences mediated by Foreningen Hirtshals Fiskefestival, 32501486, Willemoesvej 2, 9850 Hirtshals at

1.1 Foreningen Hirtshals Fiskefestival's dissemination of experiences is only aimed at consumers who are over 18 years of age. When purchasing experiences, the customer confirms that they are a consumer and over 18 years of age.

2. Experiences: On and on experiences, events, entrance tickets, activities and the like from organizers in Denmark are disseminated. In the following, these services are collectively referred to as "experiences".

3. Intermediary and contracting party: The association Hirtshals Fiskefestival exclusively mediates the sale of experiences from the responsible organizer to the customer. The responsible organizer is the customer's direct contracting party and is therefore considered a seller according to applicable legislation. All complaints regarding the event must be addressed directly to the organizer.

4. Price and fees: The prices for the experiences can only be found on the websites for and The stated prices are incl. VAT, taxes and duties. A booking fee is added to the total order, which is also found on these websites.

4.1 At the destinations, local fees, entrance fees and charges may also be charged, which cannot be collected at the conclusion of the agreement, as these payments relate directly to local regulations or to the consumption of extra services in addition to what is stated in the agreement.

4.2 If nothing else is stated, the price of the experience is per person.

5. Cancellation: If an experience that has been purchased and paid for has to be cancelled, the customer will only receive a refund of the purchase amount from the responsible organizer of the experience in question, excluding booking fee.

5.1 An experience is only considered canceled if the experience is not carried out by the organizer on the ordered date and time. Changes in any repertoire is not a cancellation. If a minimum number of participants applies for the experience to take place, this will be stated. If the number of participants required for the implementation of the experience is not reached, the organizer is entitled to inform the customer without liability that the experience will not be carried out as a consequence of the low participation, and the purchase amount will be refunded by the organizer.

6. Purchase of experiences: The customer is obliged to be aware of the following when purchasing the experiences:

6.1. If the customer has not received the e-mail with the experiences within 24 hours of completing the purchase, the customer must contact Foreningen Hirtshals Fiskefestival, on tel. Tel: (+45) 44 16 98 50.

6.2 The customer is obliged to review and check the sent receipt and react to it

Foreningen Hirtshals Fiskefestival, if the information therein is not in accordance with what was agreed.

6.3 The agreement is only binding for both parties when Foreningen Hirtshals Fiskefestival has registered and received payment.

6.4 According to "Act no. 1457 of 17.12.2013 on certain consumer agreements, § 18 subsection 2, point 12″, the purchase of experiences is not covered by the right of withdrawal as described therein.

7. Payment: The customer can only pay for his experiences with Dankort, Visa card, MasterCard or MobilePay.

8. The customer's general duties: The customer must comply with the applicable regulations on the site and behave in such a way that neither guests nor others feel disturbed. In more serious cases, this may lead to the person in question being expelled by the organizer or its representatives without being entitled to receive any form of reimbursement. In such situations, the customer cannot assert a claim either against Foreningen Hirtshals Fiskefestival or the organiser.

8.1 The customer must download and print out a valid proof of purchase. Only paid proof of purchase gives access.

9. Complaints and liability: Any form of complaint relating to the event itself must be addressed directly to the organizer immediately, as full responsibility for the content and organization of the experiences lies with the organizer. Foreningen Hirtshals Fiskefestival cannot be held responsible in this connection, as the customer's implementation of the experience is subject to the organizer's limitations of liability, and the customer can only rely on the organizer with regard to any losses, damages and other liability. However, if the customer has had an unsatisfactory experience, Foreningen Hirtshals Fiskefestival is happy to hear from the customer about this, so that Foreningen Hirtshals Fiskefestival can react to it and be helpful in the event of a complaint. According to the legislation, the customer must advertise "within a reasonable time" after the customer has ascertained the lack of the experience. For experiences, "reasonable time" means that the customer must advertise immediately after completion of the experience and as far as possible on the spot.

9.1 The organizer cannot be held liable for an amount greater than the price of the experience certificate.

9.2 Foreningen Hirtshals Fiskefestival's liability is limited to the return of the booking fee paid and only if the festival has committed a liability-inducing error.

10. Reservation: The association Hirtshals Fiskefestival reserves the right for errors in the prices and terms stated by the organizer on the websites, as well as for sold-out events.

11. Disputes: Any dispute that may arise in relation to the above trading conditions or the purchased experience is subject to Danish law.

11.1 The court in Hjørring is the venue for any legal proceedings under Danish law.

Complaints about online sales in Denmark must be processed at the EU's National Contact Point in Denmark by contacting

12. GDPR: The association Hirtshals Fiskefestival complies with the requirements for the processing and protection of personal data as laid down in the EU's Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the content of which can be found at